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( )16.-Why did Tom go to bed so late yesterday
-Because his homework on time.
A、didn’t finish B、finish C、wasn’t finished
( )17.There used to be many pandas, but only a few of them today.
A、remain B、stay C、stop
( )18.I met my old friend Kate in the street this morning.
A、by accident B、by the end C、by mistake
( )19. my father my mother is able to drive a car. So they often take
turns to drive me to school.
A、Neither; nor B、Both; and
C、Not only; but also
( )20.Last night a murder(凶杀案) in the Green Park at about ten o’clock.
A、took place B、looked like C、looked at
( )21.The death of the emperor Kangxi a mystery.
A、gives B、remains C、finds
( )22.She’s got the job she dreamt of, but more than by design.
A、in the accident B、in accident C、by accident
( )23.There are ten children here, so the cake must be divided ten pieces.
A、into B、in C、between
( )24.-Why don’t you buy a camera
-Do you think I need to My phone is often used a camera.
A、by B、for C、as
( )25.-Many thanks for what you’ve done for us.
- .
A、Don’t mention it B、Never mind C、That’s right
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