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1. Please read English a ____every morning.
2. The men has been d _____for three days but nobody know who he is .
3. You should ask way p_ _____when you are in the street.
4. Mr. Brown is p ______of his daughter because she got the first place in the English competition.
5. The car was p_______ in China.
二、单项选择 (15分)
( )1. He is afraid to speak in _______ public.
  A. the B a C. /
( ) 2._____delicious food your mother makes!
A. What B. What a C. How
( ) 3. It’s believed that ___________you study, ____________results you’ll get.
A. the harder, the better B. the harder, the more
C. the greater, the worse
( ) 4. -Mum, may I go out to play basketball
-No. But you can if your homework______.
A. will be finished B. is finished C. was finished
( ) 5. -How far is your cousin’s home from here
-It’s about two __________ drive.
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