[ID:4-4189508] 重庆市江津区2018届九年级上学期第二次阶段(半期)英语试题(含听力)
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( ) 21. I’m very busy these days, because I have a lot of problems to _______ .
A. agree with B. deal with
C. keep up with D. come up with
( ) 22. _______ the teachers in their school is 300 and ______ of them are women teachers.
A. A number of; the number of B. A number of; a number of
C. The number of; a number of D. The number of; the number of
( ) 23. You can’t imagine ______ difficult the road ______ success is.
A. what; to B. how; to C. what; of D. how; of
( ) 24. Mrs Smith is _______ good a teacher _______ she always makes her class interesting.
A. so; that B. such; that
C. so a; that D. such a; that
( ) 25. Excuse me, could you tell me how ______ the library
A. to find B. can I find C. find D. finding
( ) 26. He _______ go out with his parents, but now he ______ staying at home alone.
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