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一、单项选择 (15分)
21. This is _______ useful book. I like ______ book very much.
A. a;/ B. an; the C. the;a D. a;the
22. _______ they are brothers, __________ they don’t like each other at all.
A. Although; but B. Because; but C. Although; / D. Because ; so
23. This tall building has _________ floors.And Tony lives on the _______ floor.
A. twelve ;twelve B. twelfth ;twelfth C. twelve; twelveth D.twelve ;twelfth
24. -Helen, you look tired.
-Yes, I didn’t go to bed ________ it was 12 o’clock last night.
A. after B. when C. until D. unless
25. Yao Ming is _______ famous player________ all the basketball fans in China know him.
A. so; that B. such a ; that C. too; to D. enough ;to
26. It’s important ________the piano well.
A. of him to play B. for him to play C. for him playing D. of him playing
27. -Sorry .I have not done it_______.
- Don’t worry .We have ________.
A. enough quickly ;enough time B. quick enough ; time enough
C. quickly enough;enough time D. quick enough; time enough
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