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( )31. — What’s ____ population of China
— China has ____ population of about 1.37 billion.
A. a; the B. / ; / C. the; a
( )32. It’s very ____ to feel nervous when you go to a new school.
A. natural B. dangerous C. soft
( )33. I don’t think ____ will agree with David because his ideas are rather crazy.
A. anybody B. nobody C. somebody
( )34. A(n) ____ can use his drawings (图画) to tell about beautiful mountains, the blue sea and many other things.
A. actor B. scientist C. artist
( )35. — How is Mike now
— I hear the company ____ him a good job, but he refused it.
A. provided B. offered C. passed
( )36. — Have you ____ heard of the disease
— Yes, many children have ____ caught it in Africa.
A. yet; just B. ever; already
C. never; already
( )37. Turn down the music, Son! Listening to loud music ____ your ears.
A. is helpful to B. is harmful to C. is good for
( )38. People around the world can hardly avoid ____ products made in China.
A. not buying B. not to buy C. buying
( )39. — I know you didn’t break the vase ____ purpose. So don’t cry!
— It’s very kind of you to say so.
A. at B. on C. in
( )40. ____ of the land in that district (地区) is covered with trees and grass.
A. Two fifths B. Two fifth C. Fifth second
( )41. Our teacher told us that the sun ____ in the east.
A. rose B. rises C. raises
( )42. ____ hard for me ____ the
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