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第二部分 基础知识运用(30分)
请从下列各题所给的A.B C三个选项中,选出一个可以填入空白处的最佳选项。(共15小题,计15分)
( ) 21. —- Why do you look so tired, Jack
--- I _________ last night.
A.stayed up late. B. went to the cinema C. did my homework
( ) 22.There is ________ “s” in the word “several”.
A.an B. a C. the
( ) 23.The light in the room is on, he ______ be at home.
A.may B. must C. can
( ) 24.I`m sorry. I can`t go hiking with you. I`ve got a pain _____ my leg.
A.to B. in C. at
( ) 25. ---- Daddy, would you like _______ to drink
---- No, I want ________.
A.anything; anything B. something; nothing C. something; something
( ) 26.Your grandmother is very old, you should _______ her.
A. look out of B. look like C. look after
( ) 27.It`s his _______ time to take pate in the long jump.
A.one B. first C. two
( ) 28. ---- When did you go to bed yesterday, Jenny
---- I didn`t go to bed _____ my father came back.
A.while B. until C. so
( ) 29.What a pity! So many trees ______ last month.
A.are cut down B. were cut down C. was cut down
( ) 30. Although we have learned English for 4 years, we still have trouble_______ foreigners.
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