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( )1.How do you learn grammar?
( )2.Excuse me, where is the nearest bank?
( )3. What’s Mark like?
( )4.Paula always gets good scores in chemistry.
( )5.I used to be nervous about tests all the time.
( ) 6. I find ___________ strange that my sister doesn’t want to see a film with us, she only wants to stay at home. A. it B. this C. that D. one
( ) 7. If you can’t understand the meanings of the words,you can _________ in the dictionary.
A. look up it B. look it up C. look them up D. look up them
( ) 8.The hotel where I stayed during the summer vacation is famous ______ its good service.
A. at B. for C. in D. from
( ) 9. A desk is made ______ wood and paper is made ______ wood, too.
A. from; into B. into; from C. from; of D. of; from

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