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笔试部分 (100分)
A) 辨音 从A、B、C三个选项中选出划线部分读音与其他不同的选项。(5分)
( )21. A. hole B. none C. progress
( )22. A. shut B. push C. full
( )23. A. form B . worse C. report
( )24. A. peace B. team C. head
( )25. A. breathe B. breath C. think
B) 单项选择。(15分)
( )26. ---Where is Miss Lin I haven’t seen her theses days.
---She _______ Beijing.
A. has gone to B. has been to C. gone to
( )27. Many people ________ their friends or family by mobile phone today.
A. keep in touch with B. get on with C. catch up with
( )28. Not only Jane but also Kate _____ been to Tibet.
A. have B. has C. is
( )29. Our teachers were very happy because ______ failed the exam.
A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody
( )30. Although the old man didn’t have enough money, _______ he gave a thousand yuan to the charity.
--Of course. It’s China.
A. and B./ C. but
( )31.In the factory, there are 100 workers. About _____ of w
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