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[ID:4-6204398] 浙江省乐清实验中学2018-2019学年八年级(下)期中英语试卷英语试卷 (含答 ...

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16. ——Do you know who made up ________ interesting story?
—— Jack. He is always humorous.
A. a B. an C. the D. /
17. —— Mary, I made many cookies. Would you like to try some ?
—— Yes , please . Hmm…. they ________ so delicious .
A. feel B. taste C. sound D. smell
18. Travelling in the forest is one of my most exciting ________ ?
A. experiences B. experience C. lives D. life
19. Da Ming found ________ hard to win the singing competition, but he made it .
A. this B. that C. it D. them
20. --Have you used the new computer ______?
--Yes, I have. I have ______ used it.
A. just, just B. yet, just C. just, yet D. yet, yet
21. Columbus(哥伦布) ________ the new land, and Edison(爱迪生) ________ the electric light.
A. discovered, discovered B. invented, invented
C. discovered, invented D. invented, discovered
22. -- Hello, may I speak to Mrs. Li?
-- Oh, sorry! She   to England. She will come back in three days.
A. has been B. has gone C. went D. goes
23. -- Do you know Yang Liwei, China's first astronaut to space?
-- Of course. All of Chinese __________him.
A. are angry with B. are strict with C. are worried about D. are proud of
24. -- Your pronunciation is so good. How long have you learned English?
-- ______ I was only 6 years old.
A. for B. after C. before D. since
25. -- I went to Hangzhou and missed Betty's birthday party last night.
-- ________!
A. That’s a pity B. That’s fantastic C. You’re welcome D. Sorry, I won’t
Life isn't always perfect, it depends on what you do with it. This morning I got an e-mail from Roy.It seems that my boy really enjoys __26__new life at Harvard University.
The e-mail made me think of the first day when we moved into this house. Little Roy ran around the new house with great excitement(兴奋) and __27__ to move his own things into the house such as his toys,books and clothes. __28__,his little hand knocked over(打翻)a bottle of paint(油漆) on the shelf.The paint made the clean floor and white wall a terrible mess. “Oh,my God!” My wife put up her hands in the air __29__.I looked at my son. He was so nervous that he lowered(降下) his head and was __30__looking at his mother.
At once, I stopped my wife with my eyes. Then I __31__and held my son’s hand,“Take it easy,Roy.Now let’s do something to make it look __32__.” I said. “You see,Dad is a superman, we can draw something here.” And then I took out a __33__ . But what can we draw?"
“A __34__,” Roy shouted. After a while, as soon as Roy saw it, he asked to paint it green. “A tree is not enough. Let’s change it into a forest. "Mother suggested. We spent the whole afternoon
__35__and laughing. The wall became a beautiful forest with plants, birds and small animals. I also painted blue sky and white clouds __36__Roy. He was so excited that he forgot he had painted for more than three hours. On that day,everyone in the house knew__37__ special happened.
The night before Roy left for Harvard,he asked me__38__ I still remembered the day when he knocked over the paint.“Since then I’ve __39__worried about making mistakes,”he said. “I believe I can always__40__ways to solve the problems.”
Hearing this, I know my boy has grown up, he can do with problems whenever he meets and wherever he is. Life isn't always perfect, but you can change it better.
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