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( ) 21. My sister had ________backache, and she went to see ________doctor.
a;/ B. /;the C. the;/ D. a;a
( ) 22. I didn’t go to school yesterday because I was ________ and went to the hospital.
hungry B. serious C. healthy D. sick
( ) 23. After six days’ walk in the mountains, we ________ all our food and drinks.
ran away B. ran out of C. turned down D. lay down
( ) 24. —What did you do at the party
—We played games and enjoyed ________ very much.
herself B. yourself C. ourselves D. yourselves
( ) 25. —Do you keep on ________ sports every morning
—Yes.I’m used to ________ in the morning to keep healthy.
play;run B. playing;run C. playing;running D. play;running
( ) 26. —Hi, John.________
—I have a sore throat and can’t speak loudly.
How’s the weather B. Who’s that
C. What’s the matter D.What are you doing
( ) 27. Why don’t you play football ________ just looking on
as well as B. instead of C. in order to D. would rather
( ) 28. —My father doesn’t have a brother.
So do I B. So have I C. Neither do I D. Neither have I
( ) 29. I will buy this T-shirt. Twenty dollars________ not a high price.
have B. has C. is D. are
( ) 30. All the students were sleeping________ they heard a man “help”.
when, shout B
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