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( )21.My father wants to give up ________,but it’s hard for him to ________.
A. smoke;give up it B. smoking;give up it
C. smoking;give it up D. smoke;give it up
( )22.She ________ tennis in the school team. Now she is a professional tennis player.
A. used to playing B. is used to play
C. used to play D. used to playing
( )23.- Does David have a fever - _________. His temperature is about 40℃.
A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn’t C. Yes, he is D. No, he isn’t
( )24.-Hi, John, ______
-My dog’s leg is hurt.
A. How are you B. What’s the matter
C. Who’s that D. What’s Lucy like
( )25.-Does Jimmy often volunteer in his free time
-Yes. He often fixes up ________ computers for others.
A. bright B. fallen C. broken D. weak
( )26.-We should try our best to help those in need.
-_______. To help others is to help ourselves.
A. You’re welcome B. You’re right
C. Lucky you D. It’s up to you
( )27.Luckily, every student _______ get out of the classroom before it fell down.
A. was able to B. had to C. would D. might

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