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( )21. Yesterday, I had_______toothache, so I went to see________most popular dentist.
A.the;the B.a;the C./;the D. the;/
( )22. ----Are you all__________
-----Yes, we always___________to visit the sick people in the hospital.
A.volunteer;volunteer B.volunteers;volunteers
C.volunteers;volunteer D.volunteer;volunteers
( )23. His grandpa lives ____________, but he never felt___________.
A.lonely;alone B.alone;lonely C.lonely;lonely D.alone;alone
( )24. There is some rubbish in the bag. Please__________.
A.take out it B.take out them C.take them out D.take it out
( )25.—Can you tell me when you are going to arrive there
—I’m not sure. But I’ll ring you up as soon as I ________ there tomorrow.
A.arrive B.will arrive C.am going to arrive D. to arrive
( )26.You aren’t tired.___________.
A.I’m not,too B.Neither am I C.Neither I am D.Neither we are
( )27.I_________a book from Li Ping and he told me not to_________it to others.
A.borrow;lend B.borrowed;lent C.borrowed;lend D.lent;borrow
( ) 28.I don’t mind____________the dishes after every meal.
A.to do B.do C. did D.doi
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