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21. — Mom, I have      cough. What should I do?
— At      first, you should drink some water.
A. a;the B. a;/ C. the;the D. the;a
22. —I forgot to take my wallet. Can you      me some money?
—No problem. Here you are.
A,lend    B. borrow    C. buy    D. keep
23. Look, a _____ man is crossing the street. Let’s go and help him.
A. strong B. rich C. blind D. fat
24. ---I didn’t see my mother for a week, I miss her very much.21*cnjy*com
----Why _______home tomorrow?
A. not go B. not going C. don’t go D. not to go【出处:21教育名师】
25. You look tired, what’s the ________ ?
A. wrong B. matter C. happen D. up
26.You could visit        children in the hospital and       them       .
A. ill; set; up  B. sick; clean; up C. sick; cheer; up   D. ill; give; up
27.—Did you  ___ ride a bike to work?
—Yes, but I’m used  ___ a bus now.
A. used to, to taking         B. use to, to takingwww.21-cn-jy.com
C. used to, to take          
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