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V. 单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
( )21. ----I have ______ bad stomachache, Mr. Wang.
---I’m afraid you have to get ______ X-ray.
A. a ; a B. a ; an C. the ; a D. / ; the
( ) 22. The movie star was really tired, but the reporters kept on _______ him questions.
A. asks B. asked C. to ask D. asking
( ) 23. The _______ we do for other people, the ______ we will be.
A. much, happier B. more, happy C. more, happier D. most, happiest
( ) 24. She found ______ difficult to remember everything, though she is old enough.
A. that B. this C. it D. these
( ) 25. ---Why didn’t Nick and Larry come to your party?
--- Yesterday they hurt _______, but _______, they didn’t hurt badly.
A. them, luckily B. themselves, luckily C. themselves, lucky D. they, luck
( ) 26. ----I didn’t go to see the film last weekend.
--- _________, I went to visit my grandparents.
A. Neither did I B. So did I C. Neither I did D. So I did
( ) 27. --- Can I ______ the book?
----Yes, but you can only _______ it for two days.
A. lend, lend B. lend, keep C. borrow, keep D. borrow, borrow
( ) 28. ---- Look! The little girl _______ . ----Let’s do something to _________.
A. crying, cheer her up B. is crying, chee
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