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( )21.— What’s the matter ______your younger sister?
— She has a cough.
A.for B. at C. with D. on
( )22.She had a________ , so she went to see the dentist.
A. headache B. stomachache C.toothache D. fever
( )23. She finished_______the novel and returned it to me in time.
A. read B.to read C.reading D. Reads
( )24. Your bedroom is very dirty. Please_______at once.
A. clean up it B.clean it up C.clean up them D.clean them up
( )25. — I have too much housework to do at home.
—_______ask your husband for help?
A.You can B.Why don’t C.Why not D.How about
( )26. — What are you going to do if it______ tomorrow?
— I haven’t thought about it.
A. doesn’t rain B. won’t rain C. doesn’t rain D.isn’t raining
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