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(范围:Modules 1~6)
(时间90分钟 总分120分)
Ⅱ. 单项选择(10分)
(  )21. —What do you know about kite surfing
—It is _______exciting water sport. ?
A. a    B. an    C. the    D. /
(  )22. —I think dragons are the _______of China. Do you think so ?
—I agree with you.
A. symbol B. situation
C. promise D. shape
(  )23. I bought _______for my mother on Mother’s Day this year. ?
A. special anything B. anything special
C. special something D. something special
(  )24. The Great Wall is famous, so every year _______people come to visit it. ?
A. million B. million of
C. millions of D. two millions
(  )25. You’ll have to _______the ticket early if you want to see that football match. ?
A. park B. book C. show D. offer
(  )26. The talent show is _______the game show. I like both. ?
A. as boring as B. not so bored as
C. as interesting as D. not so interested as
(  )27. Most people are _______building a paper factory near here. They are worried the river will get polluted. ?
A. for B. with
C. against D. except
(  )28. You’d better travel around Nanjing with a local tour guide _______you want to know more about its culture. ?
A. but B. until C. while D. if
(  )29. —Could you tell me some information about the hotels in your city
—Why not _______on the Internet ?
A. look for it B. to look for it
C. look it up D. to look it up
(  )30. —Why not _______for a walk after supper ?
—That’s a good idea.
A. go B. to go C. going D. goes
Ⅲ. 完形填空(10分)
  Modern life is impossible without travelling. The fastest  31  of travelling is by air. With a modern airliner(客机) you can travel in one day to several places. It  32 a month or more to get there a hundred years ago. ?
Travelling by train is slower than by air, but it has  33  advantages(优点). You can see the country you’re travelling through. Modern trains have comfortable seats and dining cars. They make even the longest journey  34 . ?
Some people prefer to travel by water when  35 . There are large ships and river boats. You can visit many other countries and different places. Travelling by water is  36  pleasant way to spend a holiday. ?
Many people like travelling by car. You can make your own  37 . You can travel three or four hundred miles or only fifty or one hundred miles a day, just as you like. You can stop somewhere  38 . You can stop at a good restaurant where you can  39  a good meal, or at a hotel to spend the night. That’s  40  travelling by car is popular for pleasant trips. Taking a train or a plane is OK when people are travelling on business. ?
(  )31. A. book   B. road   C. way   D. idea
(  )32. A. cost B. spent C. paid D. took
(  )33. A. their B. our C. its D. his
(  )34. A. short B. more boring C. more terrible D. enjoyable
(  )35. A. necessary B. possible C. important D. impossible
(  )36. A. a very B. not a C. a quite D. the only
(  )37. A. timetable B. things C. car D. meal
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