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(  )26. Molly is ________and she doesn't like meeting new friends.
A. free B. shy
C. clever D. good
(  )27. —________is the population of your town, Li Kai?
—It's over sixty thousand.
A. How many B. How much
C. What D. How
(  )28. I can't read this word. Can you tell me its right ________?
A. meaning B. spelling
C. pronunciation D. grammar
(  )29. Everyone may have a ________ to be successful if he tries his best.
A. answer B. reply
C. problem D. chance
(  )30. I think dancing is interesting, but running is ________.
A. boring B. popular C. dangerous D. safe
(  )31. Tony answered all the questions ________ the most difficult one.
A. besides B. except for
C. beside D. except
(  )32. I ________ some of my free time playing basketball for my school team.
A. spend B. cost C. take D. pay
(  )33. I like using WeChat. WeChat makes ________ easier for friends to contact each other.
A. it B. that C. this D. them
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