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21.—What do you think of ________ movie Amazing China?
—It's wonderful.
A.a B.the C./ D.an
22.A lot of people dance on the square ________ after dinner.
A.to keep healthy B.kept healthy
C.keeps healthy D.keep healthy
23.The peaceful music in the CD made the students ________ relaxed.
A.feel B.feels C.felt D.to feel
24.Look at the picture on the right! She is going ________.
A.into the library
B.out of the post office
C.into the supermarket
D.out of the bank
25.—I've made little progress in math during this term.
—Don't worry. ________.
A.It's never too old to learn
B.Rome was not built in a day
C.Well begun is half done
D.The early bird catches the worm
26.We are ________ about the ________ news that Beijing will hold the Winter Olympics in 2022.
A.excited; exciting B.exciting;excited
C.excited;excited D.exciting; exciting

27.Please stop ________ and go out for a walk. Remember ________ warm clothes.
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