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一 根据句义和汉语注释写出单词的正确形式
A1. Do you know where Barack Obama, the _________(总统) of the USA, works?
2.__________ (澳大利亚)is a rich country in the Southern Hemisphere(南半球)
3.Jiangyin Yangtze Bridge is mainly made of__________(钢)【来源:21cnj*y.co*m】
4. The river is too ____________(宽) for us to swim across, I’m afraid.
5. John _____________(加入)the Swimming Club last year, and he is a good swimmer now.
6. I really enjoyed the ________(旅程) to the West Lake. It’s so beautiful there.
7. The boy shows a great ___________ (兴趣)in learning English.
8. Do you want to know something about different _________ (文化)of different countries.
9. Could you please buy me two _______ (票)for me? I’m busy now.
10. Shanghai is a modern city of tall buildings with lights ________ in the evening. (发光)
11. My father likes this kind of wine. It has a special __________(味道).
12.All the students ___________(欢呼) for their football team, because it won the match.
13. Did you hear that most of the __________(总统) from Asia countries took part in the meeting.
14. You can many _________(免费的) parks open around the whole city.
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