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第二部分 基础知识运用(35分)
(A) 单项选择: (15分)
( )21. – You don’t look well. What’s wrong with you
– I feel terrible. Maybe I have____flu.
A. a B. the C. /
( )22. – I’m afraid I have a__________.
– You should go to see a dentist.
A. cough B. cold C. toothache
( )23. – Lucy, would you please pass the bottle____ me I need some salt.
– OK, here you are, mom!
A. for B. to C. at
( )24. – May I swim here.
– No, you _________. It’s dangerous.
A. won’t B. needn’t. C. mustn’t
( )25. – Who taught you Japanese
– Nobody. I learned it by _________.
A. me B. my C. myself
( )26. – Why are you so________
– Rita asked me to go on a trip to Mount Wuyi together.
A .excited B. worried C. healthy
( )27. – Grandpa looks fit these days.
– Yes, he spends more time _________Taichi.
A. plays B. played. C. playing
( )28. – There _________ a football match in the gym this weekend.
– What good news! Let’s go and watch it.
A. is going to be B. will have C. have
( )29.– Is ________good or bad for your health
– It’s good. We should go to bed early.
A. going to bed early B. staying up late C. watching TV
( )30. Water is important for us. We should drink ____ every day to keep
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