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( )31. I’m sorry to hear his sister has ____ cough and he has ____ flu.
A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a
( )32. It’s raining outside, but Li Ming went out ____ an umbrella just now.
A. of B. with C. without
( )33. Many people think pandas only eat bamboo. ____, they also like eating meat.
A. Such as B. All the time C. In fact
( )34. Would you mind ____ the window? It’s a little cold.
A. opening B. to open C. not opening
( )35. — Must we keep the library clean all the time?
— Yes, you ____.
A. may B. can C. must
( )36. This dress doesn’t look very nice. Could you show me ____ one?
A. other B. another C. others
( )37. — There ____ a basketball game in the gym this afternoon. Would you like to watch it with me?
— Sure, I’d love to.
A. is going to be B. is going to have

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