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第二部分 笔试(100分)
( )21.A.decide B. dislike C. pig
( )22. A. least B. health C. meat
( )23. A. grade B. hand C. fact
( )24. A. close B. song C. role
( )25. A. enough B. through C. although
( ) 26. - Oh, it is raining outside!
-Don’t worry. I have _____ umbrella.
A. a B. an C. the
( ) 27. -How was your weekend
-Oh, it was kind of boring,there was _________ much to do but read.
A. something B. anything C. nothing
( ) 28. - is it from the museum to the cinema
- About twenty minutes’ walk.
A. How much B. How long C. How far
( ) 29. - How often do you have piano lessons
- __________, on Wednesday and Friday.
A. Once a week B. Twice a week C. Three times a week
( ) 30. -Would you like to go to movies with me, Jack
-Sorry, I can’t. Tomorrow is quite _____ for me.
A. free B. full C. interesting
( ) 31. Eliza’s parents are interested in animals so they spend every Saturday working in an animal hospital.
A. all B. both C. either
( ) 32. -I can’t get the kite in the tree, it’s too high!
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