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16 ---__________ model train is this?
---I think it’s Jane’s. Look, her name is on it.
A. Where B. Who C. What D. Whose
17. ---Is this your book?
---No, it’s not _____. It’s _____.
A. my; his B. mine; hers C. me; him D. my; hers
18. Bob can play ______ volleyball, but he can’t play ____ piano.
A. / , the B. / ,/ C. the, / D. the, the
19. We go for a picnic ______ a clear day.
A. at B. for C. in D. on
20. There _____ a sports meeting tomorrow morning.
A. is going to have B. is C. is going to be D. will have
21. —This watch is too expensive. .
—Well, we have got some________ ones. They’re over there.
A. heavy B. light C. cheap D. small
22. ---The shoes look beautiful, I want to ____. ---Sure.
A. try on it B. try it on C. try on them D. try them on
23._________? No, he can’t.
A. What can Tom do B. Can you play the piano
C. Will Tom play the piano D. Can Tom play the piano
24.—What will you be________?
—I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll be a doctor like my father.
A. right now B. in the future C. at once D. at the moment
25.--- I’m going to have a trip in England. ---_____.
A. Good luck B. Have a good time C. I’m not sure D. Wait a minute
We go to many places every day. _26___ do you usually travel? Do you usually walk or ride a bike? In a modern city, there are many __27__ for you to choose when you go travelling. If you are in a hurry, you can take a _28___. Taxis don’t _29___ to stop at the bus stop. And the driver can take you to any _30___ you want to go. _31___, travelling by taxi costs much money. So you can also choose to take the underground . It is much faster than buses. You don’t have to _32___ a lot if you travel by underground. When you are not busy, you can take a bus, and then you can also _33___ the *scenery of the city on it. If you want to _34___, travelling on foot or by bike __35__ be good for you .Walking can make you healthy.
Today, many people have cars. But do you think it is a good thing to have too many cars in the street?
26. A. Where B. How C. When D. Why
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