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( ) 26. Julie is from _______ United States. She is singing _______ American song for us.
A. a, the B. /, the C. the, a D. the, an
( ) 27. ---Is your brother doing his homework?
---No, he is talking _______ the phone _______ his friend in Beijing.
A. in, to B. on, with C. from, to D. on, about
( ) 28. ---There's a new ________ at Green Street. Let's go ________.
---Sounds good.
A. library, read B. pool, fishing C. supermarket, shopping D. dining hall, swimming
( ) 29. -Thank you so much.
A.No,thank you B.No,problem. C.You’re welcome D.That's great
( ) 30. The pay phone is _______the post office and the library.
A.in B. between C.near D.across
( ) 31 . How's the weather in your hometown (家乡)?
A. sun B.wind C. snow D.sunny
32. What's Tom doing right now?He's _______
A. swim ,B, swiming c. swimming D.swims
( )33. - -________ a bank near here?
-Yes, there is. It' s_______ Center Street.
A.Is there;on B.Are there;on C.There is;at D.Is there;at
( ) 34. We should keep the hair ________. It's one of the school ________.
A. shorts, rules B. short, rule C. shorter, rule D. short, rules
( ) 35. I like drinking _______.What about you?
A. orange juice B. orange juices C. oranges juice D. an orange juice
( ) 36. Do you like singing ?Please come and join________.
A. we B.our C.us D.they
( ) 37. That box is too heavy(重的).Let me _______ you.
A.help B. to help C. helps D.helping
( ) 38. Elephants can remember places _______ food and water. This helps them _______.
A. about, to live B. have, live C. with, with live D. with, to live
( ) 39. An _______ boy has to ________ the river to go to school every day.
A. 11 years old, cross B. 11-year-old, go across
C. 11-years-old, cross D. 11 year old, go across
( ) 40.Could you ask her _______me at 765-4321?
A. to call B. call c. calling D, calls
( ) 41.Don’t run in the classroom_______hallways.
A.and B. or C with D, in
( ) 42. ________ not easy for him ________ so interesting a story.
A. It's, writing B. It's, writes C. It is, to write D. That is, to write
( ) 43. ---Is your mother doing the dishes in the kitchen?
---________. She is watching TV in the living room.
A. Yes, she does B. No, she isn't C. Yes, she is D. No, she can't
( ) 44. --- Can you tell me ________?
---It's about 15 minutes' ride.
A. how does he get to school B. how often he goes to a movie
C. how long it takes him to get there D. how far he lives from his school
( ) 45. ---I will have a math test tomorrow. ---_________!
A. Good luck B. It's good exercise C. Me too D.Not bad
46.Is there a hospital________ (near )here?
47. Elephants are very s_________. They can draw pictures.
48. Look! He is _________ (play) basketball. Let’s go and join him.
49. The must _________ (do) homework every day.
50. What are you doing? I’m w________ TV.
51.I ride my bike to the __________ station.(地铁站)
52.What does she __________ of (认为) her school trip?
How’s the _______ in Beijing?
54. 骆驼能走很长时间的路,并且不会迷路。
Camels can walk for a long time and never get__________.
55. The park is __________ to(在...旁边)the post office .
It's Saturday.Jack doesn't have to go to school __56_ he gets up late.It's nine o'clock in the morning.He is still __57_ in his room.In his dream he hears (听到) his sister Rose say,“Look at snow!”
Jack wakes up (醒来) and gets up _58_.He looks out of the house.He sees _59_ everywhere.
“Let's go out and _60 a snowman,Rose,”says Jack.“You have to wear __61__ clothes,”says Mom.
With Rose,Jack goes out.Outside,all the __62_ are white.The apple tree wears a big _63__ hat.And Jack's bike is _64__ white.In the white world,the two _65_ sing,dance and play games.Wow,they have a great time.

( )56.A.because B.or  C.so  D.But

( )57.A.sleeping B.sitting C.working D.Playing

( )58.A.early B.quickly C.friendly D.again

( )59.A.cars B.rain C.people D.snow

( )60.A.buy B.make C.cook D.keep

( )61..A.warm B.dry C.cold D.tidy

( )62.A.things B.animals C.clothes D.fruit

( )63.A.green B.black C.yellow D.white

( )64.A.always B.still C.also D.never

( )65.A.boys B.girl C.children D.cousin
六、阅读理解(本大题A, B,C,D,每小题1分。共20分)

Do You Want to Be a Musician
Do you want to be a musician? Come to our club, and you' ll be very happy in the club. We have lessons a-bout the piano, the drums, the bamboo flute, the guitar and the violin for just $ 20 each. You can also learn to ,sing, to dance for $ 25 each. If you like art, you can be satisfied, too. lt's just for $ 30 each!
( )66. How many kinds of instruments(乐器) are there in the ad(广告)?
A,5 B.6 C.7 D,4
( )67. How much is it for piano?
A. $25 B. $20 c. $30 D.$45
( )68.We can't learn about in the club.
A. drums ,B, bamboo flute ,C art D. chess
( )69. If you want to learn about guitar and singing, you should pay _______.
A.$45 B. $20 C.$30 D. $25
( ) 70. What does' lesson"mean(意思) in the advertisement(广告)?
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