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( ) 21. It is interesting for us ______ a foreign language .
A. learning B. learns C. learn D. to learn
( ) 22. —Would you like ______ to drink —Yes, I’d like a cup of coffee.
A. something else B. else something C. anything else D. else anything
( ) 23. All the people went home_____Mr Wang, because he had to finish his work..
A. with B. besides C. except D. after
( ) 24. Beethoven wrote ________ beautiful pieces of music.
A. hundred ofB. two hundreds C. hundreds ofD. hundred
( ) 25. I asked the doctor for his _______ when I was ill last month.
A. advice B. advices C. an advice D. the advice
( ) 26. I ________ to pick the snake up _______it bit me again.
A . was trying, while B. was trying, when C. tried, after D. tried, as soon as
( ) 27. It was _______dark for her ___________see anything.
A. tooto B. totoo C. sothat D. toto
( ) 28. It __________ him___________ hour to get there by bus.
A. takean B. takesa C. takesan D. took a
( ) 29. It is ________ now and there are some ________ in the sky.
A. clouds; clouds B. cloudy; clouds C. clouds; cloudy D. cloudy; cloudy
( ) 30.—What will the weather be like the day after tomorrow
—It ________ be rainy, cloudy or sunny. Who knows
A. must B. might C. should D. shall
( ) 31. Business is too bad. They will have to ______ soon.
A. pick up B. cl
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