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( )1. I think kids will study at home on computers ____ ten years.
A. at B. for C. after D. in
( )2. The boy ____ down from the bike yesterday.
A. fall B. fell C. falls D. will fall
( )3. I have ____ homework to do than you.
A. less B. much C. very little D. fewer
( )4. I think that England ____ next time.
A. will win B. won C. is winning D. wins
( )5. His mother ____ in a village five years ago.
A. lives B. lived C. is living D. will live
( )6. Put apples into the blender and then ______.
A. cut it up B. cut them up C. cut up them D. cut up it
( )7. I need to _______to help with housework.
A. more two boys B. another boys two C. two another boys D. two more boys
( )8. He often helps his mother ____ the housework, but he never ____ .
A. with, get bored B. with, gets boring
C. to do, get bored D. with, gets bored
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