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英 语 试 题
21.Our English teacher plays ________ chess very well.
A.a B.an C.the D./
22.Does Mr. Green teach ________ Chinese
A.them B.your C.I D.he
23.Old people all like Alice because she ________ them.
A.is good at B.is good for
C.is busy with D.is good with
24.—What time is it,Mom
—It’s ________.
A.seven fifteen B.a quarter to seven
C.a quarter past six D.six thirty
25.—How long does it ________ them to finish the work
—About three hours.
A.get B.take C.need D.make
26.The ________ girl can play the piano well.
A.seven years old B.seven-years-old
C.seven-years old D.seven-year-old
27.You must ________ the rules.They are good for you.
A.follow B.follows C.to follow D.following
28.________ run in the classroom,boys!
A.Not B.Don’t C.Can’t D.Doesn’t
29.—Do you know that there are many different ________ animals in the zoo
—Yes,I do.And I also know that some of them are ________ scary.
A.kinds of;kind of B.kinds of;kinds of
C.kind of;kinds of D.kind of;kind of
30.—________ does your brother want to see the elephants
—Because they are very funny.
A.Where B.When C.Why D.What
31.My father ________ newspapers every morning.Now he ________ one.
A.reads;is reading B.is readin
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