[ID:4-4421572] [精]人教新目标英语七年级下册期中测试卷(2)(含听力音频+答题卡+参考答案)
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21.Ann is __our new English teacher, she is __interesting girl.www-2-1-cnjy-com
A.the; a B.the; an. C./; an D./ ;a2-1-c-n-j-y
22. I like pandas because they are ______ friendly. 21*cnjy*com
A. kind                 B. a kind of
C. kinds of             D. kind of
23. Look! Dave ______ on the phone with Bob.
A. talks B. are talking C. talk D. is talking
24. — Come and join our school music festival. Can you play ________?
—Yes, I can.
A. basketball B. piano C. chess D. the violin
25. Dingshan Park is a place ________ many trees around it. I feel very relaxed.
A. for B. with C. in D. on
26. -________run in the hallways.
—________, Ms. White.
A. Don’t; No B. Don’t; Excuse me
C. Don’t; Sorry D. Do; Thank you
27.Where______ your friends_______ ?
A. are, from B. do, from C. do, come D. is , from28.There__three books,a knife and a pen.21cnjy.com
A.have. B.is. C.are. D.has.29. -_____ is it from your office to your home?【来源:21cnj*y.co*m】
-It's about 10 minutes' walk.
A. How
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