[ID:4-4400144] [精]新目标七年级英语下册名校课时练 期中测试题(含听力音频+参考答案)
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第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,第一节完形填空,16 ~25小题,每小题1分,满分10分;第二节语法填空,46~55小题,每小题1分,满分10分,共20分)
第一节 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A B C D)中,选出最佳选项。
There are m any schools in the city. Le Rosey is a very good one for students to study. Students study at school 1 6 days a week, from Monday to Friday. A student's day starts at 7:00 am and finishes at 8:00 pm. Students have eight 17 a day. Each class is 40 minutes 18 . Then they have art classes and do sports from 4:20 pm to 6:00 pm. After dinner, students 19 different kinds of clubs, like Music Club, Chess Club, Movie Club and English Club.
Le Rosey 20 a good place to live in. Students' rooms are really 21 . Two students live in a room with a washroom and there is a TV and a telephone in the room. But you can only watch TV 22 lunch,12:20 pm-l:00 pm. Each student gets the same bed sheet(床单) in color. Teachers come to get 23 twice(两次)a week for washing, usually on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings.
24 at Le Rosey are the same as the children at many schools. There are a lot of rules at school, too. If they break the rules, they can't 25 there.
On Friday afternoon, after school, all the children can go home with their parents and they come back to school on Sunday afternoon.
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