[ID:4-4273250] [精]外研版七年级下学期英语期中考试试题(含听力原文+参考答案)
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本套试题重点检测学生对外研英语七下前六个模块的掌握情况, 包括外研英语中考必考的各种题型,话题都是从本期前面所学话题中选取, 难度、题量适中。
Do you like shopping on the Internet? I like buying books online. Usually, the price isn’t very 21 . You don’t have to pay a lot. When I want 22 something about a book, I write an e-mail to the online shop for an answer. I am shy. It is difficult for me 23 the shopkeepers(店员) in real shops.
Sometimes online shops 24 pictures of the book. They can show you some pages of the book, too. I think this is very 25 . I don’t like to read books in shops 26 the shopkeepers may come and talk to me. I don’t know 27 to say to them. 21cnjy.com
I can shop at midnight if I want to. Real shops 28 at nine o’clock in the evening. Some people think they can 29 things from online shops, but the postman (邮递员) may lose or damage (损坏) their things. But I don’t worry about that. I think it is 30 to damage a book because most of the postmen are very careful. 21·cn·jy·com
Some people say that shopping in real shops is good because you can go with your friends and 31 many different things. They call this window shopping (逛商店). I don’t have any friends and I don’t like to talk too much—it makes me 32 .
I am 33 my grandmother how to shop online. She cannot walk very far so it will make shopping easy 34 her if she shops online. My brother 3
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