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Mr. Smith is a good teacher. He teaches English very well. He is 21________to his students, so they like him a lot. There are fifty students in 22________ class. Mr. Smith always 23________ English in class. He and his students are 24______ friends, too.
Now some of the students 25________ on the playground. Bill and Mike 26_______. Tom and John are jumping. Mary and Lucy are 27________ a kite. Are Lily and Maria flying a kite, 28________ No, they are playing 29_______. What’s Mr. Smith doing Look! He is also playing 30________them. How happy they are!
( ) 21. A. beautiful B. happy C.kind D. any
( ) 22 A. they B. her C. its D. his
( ) 23. A. speak B. talk C. speaks D. say
( ) 24 A. good B. fine C. nice D. all right
( ) 25. A. play B. is playing C. are playing D. plays
( ) 26. A. run B. running C. are running D. not run
( ) 27. A. flying B. doing C playing D. sitting
( ) 28. A. also B. or C. too D. and
( ) 29. A. the football B. a football C. games D. the game
( ) 30. A. and B. with C. for D. to

Everyone (每个人) has a beautiful school. My school is in Chaoyang District, Beijing. There are many tall buildings around it, and it is 31__________ th
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