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21.—What’s your plan for summer holidays, Michael
—I wish _____ Australia and take lots of pictures.
A. to travel around B. traveling around
C. to travel for D. travelling for
22. They are new students and _____ of them _____ a new schoolbag.
A. each; have B. each; has
C. every; has D. every; have
23.—When you go on a visit to Beijing, you shouldn’t miss the Great Wall. It’s beautiful.
A. It sounds very interesting! B. Why not
C. Thank you all the same. D. I won’t do that again.
24.—It’s the best time _____ in summer.
—You’re right. But don’t go _____ alone.
A. to swim; to swim B. swimming; swimming
C. swimming; to swim D. to swim; swimming
25.—How are you doing
A. I’m doing my homework. B. I’m going by bus.
C. I’m fine, thanks. D. OK. Let me see.
26. There will be the 18th sports meeting of No. 2 High School next month. The students are busy _____ it.
A. to prepare for B. preparing for
C. to preparing for D. with prepare
27.—What time did you _____ Beijing
—At about 4:00 p. m. yesterday.
A. arrive in B. arrive C. arrive on D. arrived
28.—Please _____ animals like tigers in the zoo.
—OK, we will, Mr. Lee.
A. keep from B. keep away C. keep far away D. keep away from
29.—Please give my love to your parents, Kangkang.
—_____, Michael!
A. Thank you very much B. No problem
C. It’s wonderful D. You’re so cool
30.—Meimei, could you tell me _____ about Be
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