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Ⅱ. 选择填空:从A, B, C三个选项中选择最佳答案。(每题1分,计15分)
( )21. — _____ does she usually come to school
—By bus.
A. How B. What C. How often
( )22. —Hi, Jane. Happy New Year!
A. The same to you. B. Happy New Year. C. Thank you.
( )23.—Where are Jim and Tom Their mother is looking for them.
—They _____ over there.
A. run B. are running C. runs
( )24. You can’t turn right when you see the sign _____.
A. B. C.
( )25.—_____ do you have an English lesson
—Four times a month.
A. How many B. How often C. How much
( )26. Jack can’t _____his coat and he is _____it.
A. find; look for B. look for; finding C. find; looking for
( )27. The supermarket is across _____ the bank.
A. to B. in C. from
( )28. —Where is the teacher’s desk, Kangkang
—Oh, it’s _____ the classroom.
A. in the front of B. in the front C. in front of
( )29.There _____ a ticket, a lamp and some keys on the table.
A. are B. is C. has
( )30.—Can you see many apples _____ the tree
—No, there are a few birds _____ it.
A. in; in B. on; on C. on; in
( )31. —_____ do you _____ English
—I like it very much.
A. What ; think of B. What ; like C. How ; like to
( )32. Judy, don’t put your books here. _____, please.
A. Put them away B. Put up them C. Put them up
( )33. —How long can I _____ the VCD
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