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( ) 16. This is ___ interesting book.
A.an B. a C. the D./
( ) 17.Tina and Mary are talking ___the phone about their school rules.
A. on B. to C. in D. with
( ) 18. --____________ --It’s cold and humid.
A. How is the weather like today B. What is the weather like
C. What day is it today D. What’s the date today
( ) 19. I think the hamburger tastes very ________.
A. delicious B. beautiful C. healthy D. well
( ) 20. Students can’t _____music in the classroom.
A.listen B. listen to C. hear D. hear to
( ) 21. We are in the library. Please ___ quiet.
A do B be C can D. are
( ) 22. The dolphin is ________ cute.
A . little B. a kind of C. kind of D kinds of
( ) 23. Why ____ go to bed earlier
A. don’t B. not do C. don’t you D. not you
( ) 24. He wishes his parents_______ a good holiday.
A. have B. has C. to have D. having
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