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1. This is an orange table.
2. The name of the dog is Buddy.
3. That’s my brother’s watch.
4. My cup is white.
5. The telephone is my father’s.
6. This is a red jacket.
7. His telephone number is 349-2184.
8. My mother is a teacher.
9. That is our school library.
10. The pencils are white and black.
11. Good afternoon, David.
12. Nice to meet you, Alice.
13. What’s that in English
14. Thank you for your help.
15. What color is your ruler
16. What’s your last name
17. Are those your parents
18. Is this Tom’s schoolbag
19. Where are my keys
20. Who is the girl
(四) 听对话,选择正确的答案。
21. M: My pen is red. Is your pen blue, Helen
W: No, my pen is yellow.
Q: What color is Helen’s pen
22. M: Where is your dictionary Is it on your desk, Cindy
W: Oh, no. My dictionary is on my chair.
Q: What is on Cindy’s chair
23. M: My phone number is 221-7239. Is your phone number 221-7147, Sally
W: No, my phone number is 221-7174.
Q: What is Sally’s phone number
24. M: What is your good friend’s name, Mary
W: Her first name is Jenny and her last name is Black.
Q: What is Mary’s good friend’s name
25. M: A yellow baseball is under the chair. Is it yours, Linda
W: No, it isn’t. Mine is on the table.
Q: Where is Linda’s baseball
M: Nice to meet you, Gina! Are those your cousins in the picture
W: No, they are my uncles Jack, Frank and Mike.
M: Who is the girl
W: She is my friend Jenny. She is in Beijing now.
W: Hello, my name is Gina Smith.
M: I’m Tom Brown. Nice to meet you!
W: Nice to meet you, too. Is your jacket green, Tom
M: No, my jacket is black. My friend is Jack Black. His jacket is green.
W: Is your ruler yellow
M: No, my ruler is blue. My key is yellow.
1-5:BCAED 6-10: BABAC 11-20:BACCB ABACA 21-25:BAACB 26-30: CABAC
31-35: CADAB 36-40: ADBCD 41-45: DCAAB
46-50: CBDCB 51-55: ABADC
56-60: CDADB 61-65: ACDCB
66. mine 67. brother 68. middle 69. card 70. aunt
71. girl 72. five 73. friend 74. radio 75. say
76. their 77. ruler 78. baseball 79. desk 80. teacher
81. me 82. keys 83. those 84. yours 85. hers
86. I’m not 87. They are sisters 88.What color 89. Is that your
90. Li Na.
91. Yellow. / It’s yellow.
92. No, it isn’t. / No.
93. ANSWER ME. / It’s ANSWER ME. / His QQ name is ANSWER ME.
94. In the lost and found case. / It’s in the lost and found case.
Alan Smith is my English friend. Alan is his first name. Smith is his last name. Now he is in NEC Middle School. His phone number is 352-1583. His QQ number is 365834027. His father is Peter Smith. He is in China. He is a teacher. His dog is Lucky.
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