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第一节 单项选择(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
21. Look! There is big elephant.
A. an B. a C. the
22. I’m David Green. My last name is .
A. David B. Green C. David Green
23. --Would you like ________ bread for breakfast? --Yes, please.
A. any B. many C. some
24. We have two Chinese lessons _______ Friday.
A. on B. at C. in
25. Tom is from and he is .
A. English; English B. English; England C. England; English21·cn·jy·com
26. She likes reading she doesn’t like sports.
A. so B. but C.or
27. I am tired. Let’s have a rest.
A. a little B. a lot C. a few
28. Look! Our classmates _______ basketball on the playground.
A. is playing B. are playing C. are singing
29. Miss Li is standing _________Tony and Betty.
A. at B. during C. between
30. The panda meat.
A. doesn’t eat B. doesn’t eats C. don’t eat
31. This is Tom’s pen. Please give _______.
A. it him B. him to it C. him it
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