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( )31. ---Is this a photo of your family?
A.Yes, it is. B. No, it doesn’t. C. Yes, this is. D. No. I don’t.
( )32. London is_________ big city and it is _______ capital of England.21cnjy.com
A. a; a B. the; the C. a; the D. the; a【来源:21·世纪·教育·网】
( )33. This is_______ school and _____next to the bank.
A.we; its B.our; its C. we; it’s D. our; it’s
( )34. I can play basketball, _______ I can’t play football.
A. so B. and C. but D. or
( )35. The blackboard is_________ our classroom.
A. in front of B. next to C. in the front of D. between
( )36. How many _______ are there in the schoolbag?
A.students B. books C. desks D. chairs
( )37. There________ 60 students in my class.
A.am B. is C. are D. have
( )38. The girl likes_____ swimming.
A.goes B. go C went D.going
( )39. ----Who is ____your right?
----It is my father.
A.on B .in C. at D. of.
( )40. This shop is very_______. It has twenty floors.
A. old B. small C. big D. bad
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