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五、任务型阅读(本题共20分,每小题1分) (A) week them make take up life little first difference Do you know what a resolution is? It's a kind of promise. Most of the time, we make promises to other people However, promises you make to yourself are resolutions, and the most common kind is New Years resolutions. The start of the year is often a time for 71 resolutions. When we make resolutions at the beginning of the year, we hope resolutions have, 78 hing in common. People hardly ever keep th"影舞胃§员 that we are going to improve our 12 Some people write down their resolutions and plans for the coming year This helps them to remember their resolutions. Others tell their family and friends about their wishes and plans. There are 73 kinds of resolutions. Some are about physical health. For example, some people promise 74 they are going to start an exercise program or eat 75 fast food. Many resolutions have to do with self-improvement. These are about making yourself a better person Some people might say they are going to 76 a hobby like painting or taking photos, or lean to play the guitar Some resolutions have to do with better planning, like making a n plan for schoolwork. For example, a student may have to find more time to study. although there are differences, most (B) China and Westem countries may have different ideas about certain animals, but when it comes to pigs, we have n agreement--ugly, lazy, stupid and shameless. But the truth is that pigs do have some finer qualities( ad 质 Science long ago proved that pigs aren't stupid at all. a research shows pigs are mentally(精神上地) and socially similar to dogs". They like to play. They have good long-term memories. and they know the difference between those who treat them well and those who don There are lovable pig characters in cartoon's, too. Peppa Pig小猪佩奇》, for example, a television series(连续剧) from the UK that began in 2004, has now become one of the most popular cartoons in 180 countries. The four members in the cartoon s pig family teach children around the world about love, friendship and the value of family. In China, McDull(39L), a young pig who works hard for his dreams even though he fails, has been a popular cartoon haracter since 2001 What foods are successful? Hamburgers and pizas are popular But instant noodles(ff n) have also become the worlds success. Now instant noodles are celebrating their 6lst birthday Instant noodles were invented by a Japanese named Momofuku Ando. To find a way to make noodles last longer Ando began experimenting(s%)in 1955 and three years later, he made the first bag of instant noodles Each year, 95 billion(tlZ)bags of instant noodles are eaten around the world. In the uK, people call instant noodles"pot noodles". University students like them a lot. During the first term at college, you may be given a gift bag that includes instant noodles. Instant noodles are cheap and easy to eat. But watch out! People may think you are lazy if you are an instant noodle lover. The un often sends instant noodles as part of its food aid(# BJ). This is because of their long life and high fat which makes people feel full for longer time However, instant noodles aren 't healthy. They are high in fat and salt. Health experts say they are bad for us and we shouldn 't eat them too often 1-5CBCBB 6-10BBBAB 11-15BACCC 16-20CBBAB 21-25CCAAC 26-30CCABC 31-35ABCBA 36-40CCBCA 41-45BABAC 46-50BABAA 51-55BACBB 56-60EDABC 61-65BCADG 66 what 67 fewer 68 else 69 other 70 play 1 making 72 lives 73 different 74 themselves 75 less 76 take up 77 weekly 78 one 79 research 80 fail 1 all 82 over 83 Ugly, lazy, stupid and shameless 84 The UK 85 In 2001 86 Japan 87 number 88 price 89 part 90 salt 91 What 92 makes 93 die 94 hard 95 as 96 long 97 reaches 98 touches 99 take 100 seriously 101 bring 102 best 103 have 104 with 105 shes 106 there 107 tried 108 any 109 exercising 110 before
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