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21. How do you improve your spoken English? —_______ talking with friends in English.
A. With B. In C. By D. For
( ) 22. When you come across new words in reading, it is not a good idea to _________ in a dictionary at once.
A. make up them B. make up them C. look it up D. look them up
( )23. When were you born?— I was born ___ the morning of September 28,1999.
A. in B. with C. at D. on
( )24. We will have a 7-day holiday from Oct.1 to Oct.7 for our Chinese National Day?
— Wow, __________exciting news it is!.
A. What B. What an C. How D. How an
( )25. Jimmy is very helpful. ________I stay with him, _________I like him.
A. The longer; the most B. The longest; the most
C. The longer; the more D. The longest; the more
( )26._________will the supper be ready?---In a minute.
A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How much
( )27.The expressions(表达) they use might _____whom they are speaking to or how well they know each other.
A. instead of B. lead in to C. because of D. depend on
( )28. His friends found _______ to tell him everything that had happened.
A. it necessary B. necessary C. that necessary D. that's necessary
( )29.We should pay attention to _______ the teacher carefully.
A. listen to B. listening to C. listen D. listening
( )30. Can you teach me ________the computer?
A. how using B. how to use C. what to use D. what using
As children enter their teens, they usually begin to31_____ more attention to their peers (同龄人) or friends. Peer pressure can be direct or indirect, but is almost always present.Learning to deal with peer pressure(压力)makes a teen 32______, and be able to get along well with others.
  Bad peer pressure is when teens feel 33_____ to do something that they know is wrong, 34______smoking, drinking, or u
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