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初三应届 英语
第二部分 基础知识运用(60分)
( ) 21. - Do you know tall boy over there
- Yes . He is Zhou Ming in Class 4 .He is active boy in school activities so that many people know him.
A . the ; a B . the .an C . a ; a D . a : an
( ) 22.— I want to learn something about the 2008 Olympics.
— You can go and the Internet some information.
A. search; on B. search for; for C. search; about D. search; for
( ) 23.Yesterday I saw some people off the snow on the street.
A. to sweep B. swept C. sweeping D. sweep
( ) 24. — Why not go to see the show with me
— Because I ____ it.
A. saw B. will see C. see D. have seen
( ) 25.— my daughter is only ten years old, she knows a lot.
— What a clever girl!
A. Because B. Whether C. Though D. So
( ) 26. — Could you tell me when the 24th Winter Olympic Games will ____
— In 2022.
A. take off B. take place C. take part in D. take care
( ) 27. I don’t understand the text, there are few new words.
A. so B. because C. if D. though
( ) 28.— Look!
— Oh, hurry up, or we will miss it.
A. Here comes the bus. B. Here goes the bus.
C. Here the bus goes. D. The bus goes here.
( ) 29.I think that you have made so rapid in math.
A. a progress B. progress C. progresses D. progressed
( ) 30. — I have lost my new English dictionary.

A. No hurry! B. That’s great! C. It’s a pity! D. Just wait!
( )31.—Where are Maria and Kangkang
—They _____ England.
A.have been to B.are away C.have gone to D.had been in
( )32._____ the Great Green Wall, the land produces (生产出) more crops.
A.Thanks for B.Thanks to C.Thank to D.Thank for
( )33.— Where have you , Sure
— I’ve been to Mount Huang.
A. be B. been C. been to D. gone
( )34.—How do you like Beijing, Miss Read
—I’ve no idea. I _____ there.
A.have gone B.have been C.haven’t been D.haven’t gone
( )35.—What _____ to your village in recent years
—Lots of roads, buildings, parks and so on.
A.takes place B.have happened C.has happened D.happened
Helen Keller was a very bright, beautiful girl. 36 the age of six months, she could already say a few words. But when she was two years old, she got badly ill. She could not see or hear, and soon she could not even talk. Since then Helen had to fight for 37 she wanted. When she was six, her parents invited a teacher for her. 38 the help of the teacher, she began to see and hear the world around her through her 39 . She learned to read books for the blind. The teacher took Helen for long walks, and 40 her about all the beautiful sights(风景). Helen 41 flowers, climbed the trees and smelled a rain storm(暴风雨) before it came. She also learned how to swim and 42 a horse. After she 43 , she became a famous writer in America. Her first and most famous 44 is The Story of My Life. Her story has 45 new hope to many blind and deaf(聋的) people. It has given light to those in darkness and encouraged (鼓舞) them to live and work.
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