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第一部分 听力
1. M: Shall we go for a walk by the river
W: Well, I don’t know. I think it may rain later. Look at the cloud in the sky!
M: Oh, bad luck. Another boring day at home! I hope for a sunny day tomorrow.
2. W: Excuse me, can you tell me where the teaching building is
M: Go along this road and you’ll find it on your right. It’s between the restaurant and the computer center.
3. W: Do you walk to school every day, Stefano
M: No, my brother takes me in his car.
W: So where’s your brother today
M: He’s on a bus--his car isn’t working!
4. M: I would like to have a copy of Professor Robert Stam’s book on American history, please.
W: I am sorry, sir. That book has just been sold out.
5. W: Excuse me, Mike. What time is it now
M: Oh, it’s fifteen after two, Mary.
W: My watch must be slow. I’m an hour behind.
M: Maria, I’m phoning about the school play. Which part of the play do you want me to look at
W: Well, I’m quite happy with the beginning and Tom has helped me with the part in the middle, but the play doesn’t finish very well. Can you put in something funny there
M: I can try. Now, you want me to get some information about ice storms. Where shall I look
W: See if there’s a good website. I’ve tried the school library already and our geography text book doesn’t have anything.
M: OK. When do you want all this ready by
W: Well, we’re doing the play on December l2th and the last practice will be on the 9th. Can you get it to me by December 2nd, a week before that
M: Fine. Now, about meeting later. Shall I come to your house
W: Tom said we could go to his house.
M: OK.
M: Allens Bank. Good morning. Can I help you
W: Ermm yes. Could I speak to Mrs. Smithson, please
M: I’m afraid she’s out at the moment. Can I take a message
W: Yes please. I’m Sally Thornton from Lawnside. High School. We’re having a walk next month. It’s for wildlife protection research. And we are looking for some help. Could you provide us with some money since you helped us last year
M: So it’s Lawnside High School and a walk. Oh right. Have you got a phone number
W: Well, the school number is 0899 873 275.
M: Right. I’ll pass on the message to Mrs. Smithson.
听下面一段独白, 回答第12至第15 四个小题。现在,你有20秒钟的时间阅读这4个小题。
W: One morning, Hans and Bob went to school along the bank of the river as usual. Suddenly they heard someone calling for help. They saw a little girl in the water. The two boys threw off their schoolbags, ran down the bank and jumped into the water. Hans raised the girl’s head above the river immediately. At the same time, Bob caught the girl by the arms and tried his best to pull her toward the bank. At last they reached the bank. They were about to carry the girl to the top of the bank when some villagers, including the girl’s father and mother, arrived and helped them. The girl was saved. All the people said that Hans and Bob were heroes. Hans and Bob said nothing but smiled. They carried their schoolbags again and ran to school. They couldn’t run very fast because their stomachs were full of water.

1-5 CCBCA 6-11 BABACB 12-15 ABAC
16-20 BDACB 21-25 ABCBD 26-30 BBDCC
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