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( ) 21. .---You’ve dropped _____ "s" in the word "acros"
---Oh, ____ letter "s" should be doubled like this "across".
A. a ,a   B. an ,a  C. an ,the   D. the ,the
( ) 22._______exciting advice my teacher has given me!
A .What an B. What C. How D. How a
( ) 23. Each of us has to write a _____report every two weeks.
A. two-hundred-word B. two-hundreds-word
C. two-hundred-words D. two hundreds word
( ) 24.---Food safety is very important.
---So some rules________to stop people from polluting food.
A. must make B. must be made C. must made D. be made
( ) 25. ---Sorry, Mr. Green. I have_______my homework at home.
---Never mind. But don’t forget next time.
A. put B. kept C. left D. forgot
( ) 26. -___ you ___the film Avatar -Not yet. I’m going to see it tonight.
A. Will, see B. Have , seen C. Do, see D. Did, see
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