[ID:4-4077038] 青海省西宁二十一中2017-2018学年九年级上学期11月月考英语试卷(含听力)
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( )21. -Mike had ___unusual experience last week. He said he saw___ alien.
-Really Can you believe him                 
A. a; an B. a; a C. an; an D. an; a
( )22.-The medicine ________ awful. I can’t stand it.
-I know,Jimmy. But it’s helpful for you.
A. tastes B. eats C. drinks D. takes
( )23. ________ Tom ________ Mary speaks good Chinese,so they can communicate with these Chinese students very well.
A. Neither; nor B. Not only; but also C. Both; and D. Either; or
(  )24. In the past few years,great changes ________ in my hometown.
A. take place B. took place C. have taken place D. have happened
(  )25.-Are your parents strict ________ you,Sam
-Yes. For example,they are serious ________ my grades.
A. in;with B. in;about C. with;of D. with;about
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