[ID:4-3907188]九年级英语第一阶段复习 (无答案)
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1. ________ girl called Mary is my best friend and she is ________ honest girl.21世纪教育网版权所有
A. A; an B. The; / C. A; / D. The; an21*cnjy*com
2. I don’t think it is a good way. Can you _____________ another one?【出处:21教育名师】
A. come up B. come in C. come up with D. come out21*cnjy*com
3. Could you tell me ____________ a meeting in Guangzhou next week?
A.whether is there going to be B.whether there is going to have
C.if there was going to be D.if there is going to be
4. -- "Mum, I think I'm________ to get back to school."
-- "Oh, my dear. You'd better stay at home for another day. "21cnjy.com
A. so well B. so good C. well enough D. good enough2-1-c-n-j-y
5. — It’s dangerous to walk across the street carelessly.
— You’re right. We can’t be careful while crossing the street.【版权所有:21教育】
A. so B. very C. too D. more
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