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I. Choose the similar word or phrase for the underlined part in each sentence. (5 scores)
31. As well as Spider-Man, I also like some other films shown in the cinema this month.
A. Except B. Beside C. Apart from D. Including
32.She was afraid of sleeping alone when she was a little child.
A. has the fear of B. feared for C. had a fear of D. feared
33. When National Day is coming, I intend to take my parents to do some sightseeing. Can you give me some advice?
A. visit some famous places B. do some gardening
C. take some pictures D. see some teachers
34. Excuse me, is this seat available?
A. taken B. used C. free D. yours
35. I really want to know what I can do with the naughty students.
A. how I could do with B. how to deal with
C. what to deal with D. what could I do with

II. Choose the best answers to fill in the blanks. (10 scores)
36. Now, Jack what “dance battle” is after searching the internet.
A. is knowing B. know C. knows D. knowing
37. Sam: I want to fly to California and return to London also with American Airlines.
Berlinda: So you should book the tickets for a ___________ trip.
A: round B. one-way C. direct D. non-stop
38. As an English teacher in our school, most people that I are really frie
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