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( )1. Most British high school children uniforms at school.21教育网
A.wear B.dress C.put on
( )2.This is ________ grammar book.It was written by Bo Bing.
A./      B.the      C.a      D.an
( )3.Oxford University is with tourists for its beautiful old buildings.
A. different B.famous C. special D.popular
( )4.— ________ does she study English?— ________ working with a group.
A.How;By B.How;In C.When;For D.When;At
( )5.If you see the cartoon film, it will make you .
A.laugh B.to laugh C. laughing D.laughed
( )6.If you want to send your photos by email,connect the camera ________ your computer.
A.for B.of C.in D.with
( )7.When you have difficulties, do remember to .Two heads are better than one.
A.make a decision B. give up C.ask for help D. give advice
( )8.Our teacher is ________ to explain the rules to us.
A.enough patient B.patient enough C.active enough D.enough active
( )9.—Do you often go to the gym?
—No,_____. I don’t like sports at all.
A. always B. never C. sometimes D. usually
( )10.The Brain (《最强大脑》) gave the child a chance to show his special ________.
A.ability B.pattern C.education D.information
( )11.—Who helped Jessie with her English?—______. She taught herself.
A. Anybody B. Somebody C. Nobody D. Everybody
( )12.It's noisy here.I can't hear you clearly.Can you speak ________ ?www.21-cn-jy.com
A.fast B.slowly
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