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Andy woke up and looked at the clock,11:30 He jumped out of bed and threw on clothes. He had watched to get up early and surprise his dad with Father’s Day breakfast in bed—with his mom’s help of course. He took up the wrapped present on his desk and went to find his 16 .
“Where is Dad” Andy checked all the rooms, but the whole house was empty. He walked out to the 17 , and his jaw dropped. Dad was holding a hammer and looking at a new tree fort that stood in 18 big back yard.
Andy climbed the rope ladder up to the fort. It had two rooms with three small windows.
Dad followed Andy into the fort, looking excited. “I spent all morning 19 it. I had one when I was your age. Grandpa surprised me with it on Father’s Day, too.”
“So, it’s like a(n) 20 ” Andy asked.
“Yes, it is a present for 21 of us. Maybe you’ll build one for your son one day.”
Dad looked around and asked Andy 22 they would do first in the tree fort. Andy slowly showed the 23 and said, “Happy Father’s Day!” He didn’t think it was possible, 24 Dad’s smile widened as he opened the gift. “A chess set! How did you know I wanted 25 ”Andy always saw his dad playing against the computer and he guessed it 26 be his father’s favorite.
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