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二.单项选择 {共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分}
31. This new type of energy costs very _______ and will never _____________.
A. little, use up B. a little , be run out C. a little, be used up D. little, run out
32. — Mum, can you give me some advice on how to behave myself at the table
— Well, I do have some advice. ________, please keep quiet while eating.
A. In all B. Of all C. At all D. Above all
33. Jim always keeps the tap running _______he finishes washing his face.
A. since B. while C. till D. as
34. Many fans expect the 22-year-old singer Dimash with an amazing voice____ the champion(冠军) in the TV program Singer 2017.
A. be B. to be C. has been D. being
35. —Do you mind my _____ here — _____. It’s a public place.
A. smoke, No B. Smoke, Better not C. Smoking, No D. smoking, Better not
36. The patient needs _______ at once. Please send him to hospital as soon as possible.
A. operations B. to operate on C. operating D. operate on
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