[ID:4-3870966]西藏拉萨北京实验中学2017-2018学年上学期九年级第一次月考英语试题(有答 ...
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1. A. have B. make C. face D. take
2. A. drive B. ice C. fine D. fish
3. A. car B. dollar C. hard D. far
4. A. with B. them C. three D. than
5. A. eggs B. books C. thanks D. maps
6. — Your dress is beautiful.
— Thank you. I _______ 200 yuan for it last weekend.
A. took B. spent C. cost D. paid
7. It’s _______ of you to knock on the door before you enter someone’s room.
A. polite B. possible C. impolite D. impossible
8. — _________ the population of this town? — More than ten thousand.
A. How much B. How many C. What is D. What are
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