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六、选择填空( 10*1 +5*2):
31. _________ is the population of Chengdu
A. How much B. What C. How many
32. Look at this big room . It is ______ mine .
A. as three times big as B. as big as three times
C. three times as big as
33. Millie ______ so much money on the eye operation last month .
A. spent B. cost C. paid
34. I turned to the end of the book to see _________ .
A. what is the matter B. what wrong is C. what was wrong
35. He never gives up _______ new things and he is now learning _____ vegetables .
A. learning ; to grow B. to learn ; to grow C. learning ; growing
36. Tony ______ his finger when ________ up tomatoes .
A. cuts ; cut B. cut ; cuts C. cut ; cutting
37. The Smiths moved to China ten years ago and ______ there since then .
A. has lived B. have lived C. was living
38. She’s never been to Beijing before , _______ she
A. was B. has C. hasn’t
39. ---Can I speak to Ann
---Sorry , she isn’t in . She ______ France .
A.as gone to B. has been to C. went to
40 . ---_______ have you stayed in this city
--- For about five years .
A.How long B. How far C. How soon
B.补全对话:根据对话内容, 从下边方框中选出适当
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